Bummed Out by AT&T

I get my internet service from AT&T; I have for about the last 15 months. For the most part I haven’t had any real problems with them (besides their jacking up my rates just 12 months into a 24 month contract, but I figure that comes with the territory). That is, until now.

Thursday morning I found out I did not have any wifi. Neither of my Kindles could get any signal, nor could I connect to my wireless printer. My computer was getting a connection fine because, for a complicated reason I won’t go into now my computer is physically connected to my router with an Ethernet cable. So my router was working, but the wifi signal wasn’t. Curious.

Well, I did all the standard things; I reset the router, I powered everything down and back up again, etc. Nada. I couldn’t do anything else as I had to go to work, but I brought both of my Kindles along and stopped at a friend’s house. Both of them got a wifi signal there, so I’m pretty sure it is the router that’s the problem.

Friday morning I still have no wifi, but I’m pretty sure what to do. When I was getting my service from Comcast, the few times I had an issue like this I would simply take the router to the Comcast store and they would swap it out for a new one. So I grab my router and head to the nearest AT&T store. A customer rep greets me courteously at the door, and I explain my problem. I am told the next available tech will be with me ASAP. So I wait 20 minutes until a tech finally gets to me, and she tells me she can’t do anything for me. I have to go back home, reconnect my router, call a tech support number, and they will try to troubleshoot my issue over the phone. And only then, if that doesn’t work, will they swap out my router. Either they will ship it to me or make an appointment to come out and install it themselves. Either way, this basically means possibly several days without wifi service. Not acceptable, but the people at the AT&T store can’t do anything about it; it’s the asinine policies at AT&T that’s causing all the trouble.

Why couldn’t they have an easy, simple process like Comcast and just swap out the router at the first sign of trouble? Then the techs can troubleshoot and repair the router without having a customer waiting on them. Easy. Simple. Of course they can’t do it.

And if the people at the AT&T store really can’t help me, why didn’t they just tell me that in the first place, instead of making me wait 20 minutes first?

So I take the tech support number and head on my way, not at all happy and making sure the tech person knows just how not happy I am, even though it’s not her fault. I get home and re-hook my router and get ready to call, and, because I know they’re going to ask, I check my Kindles again. And lo and behold, they’re getting a signal now! And I check my printer, and it’s connecting now. I don’t know what happened, but everything is working now. But AT&T will not be working for me once my contract is up.

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