No Health Insurance for 2019

I won’t be having any health insurance next year.

My job offered me basically 2 options. There was the cheap option, which was pretty much what I had this year and went unused for all practical purposes. I did not want to be saddled with that again.

Then there is the better option, which turns out to be halfway decent coverage. Unfortunately, it’s too expensive for me. I opted to take no coverage through my job.

No problem, I’ll go on the open market and find something. After all, I get getting spam emails and phone texts about all the affordable coverage available via the new TrumpCare. So I logged in and checked out my options.

It turns out most of the affordable options seem to start at about twice the cost of the package my employer was offering.  And there was talk about federal assistance, but I had no idea if the prices posted were before or after assistance. The best I could tell, I was supposed to sign up for a package and then apply for assistance and hope it was available. No thanks.

But the worst of it was that I instantly started receiving constant phone calls from insurance providers trying to sell me stuff I had no hope of affording.

So no health insurance for me. I will have to just be careful and hope my luck holds out, I guess.

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