About Me

Hello, I’m Jeff, this is my blog, and I’m a gadfly, a philosopher, a religious educator, a wannabe-writer, a pizza deliverer par excellance, and most importantly, as my friends all tell me, an all-around pain in the ass.

Education- Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from Texas A&M.

Religion- Unitarian UniversalistUnitarian Universalist Association

Writing- I believe I write reasonably well when I’m not trying. On the other hand, I can hardly seem to write at all when I am trying.

Work- I have made my living in many ways over the years- a bookseller, a teaching assistant, an assembly line worker on a factory floor, a restaurant assistant manager, a courier, a website and software developer, a pizza deliverer. In all of these occupations I learned useful many skills.

Whether by pure dumb luck or aptitude, a lot of my living has been made through food service. The best food service job I’ve had, and the way I’ve made most of my adult living, is pizza delivery. It’s decent money for rather easy work, and it produces enough income for the simple lifestyle I enjoy. It is probably what I will do until either I finally decide what I want to be when I grow up, or die. The latter seems more probable.

Play- I enjoy:

  • Reading and collecting books.
  • Watching and collecting movies.
  • Cataloging all the books and movies I’ve collected (yes, I’m a nerd).
  • Going to church and teaching religious education classes.
  • Baseball (watching more than playing, unfortunately).
  • Eating (again, unfortunately; it’s probably what will eventually kill me).
  • Playing games (real games played with actual people, not video games played on computer screens).